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If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, please do not hesitate
to call 911 on your phone to request assistance.


You may also contact the crisis line in your county


Monroe County : 570-992 - 0879
 Carbon County: 610-377-0773

Pike County: 570-296-6484

Northampton County: 610-252-9060


If the mental or emotional health of you or someone you care for declines quickly, this can be called a mental health crisis or emergency. 
It is important to get help quickly.

If you have a care plan, the professionals in your care plan should be contacted.


If you do not have a care plan. 

  • Contact your doctor and make an emergency appointment or if during off hours,
    try to contact your doctor's emergency service if they have one.

  • Call your mental health or care coordinator if you have one.

  • Call your mental health crisis team

  • Go to the emergency room at your local hospital

  • Call your emergency center at 911


If you feel that someone you care for is a danger to themselves or others and there
is an immediate danger, please contact the emergency response team for your area
at 911 or use your local emergency number.



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